Empire and Fancam Proud to Announce Exclusive Partnership in Japan

July 2015. Tokyo

Empire continues to search for new entertainment solutions for clients in Japan and worldwide and is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with Fancam in Japan. Empire will be producing Fancam solutions for clients, offering exciting new ways to proactively involve and excite users. Fancam is a creative way to engage mass audiences socially after they have had a real life experience.

What is Fancam?

Fancam is a 360-degree interactive web-based image of extremely high resolution (20,000 megapixels, to be exact) of all the fans in the stadium at a major concerts or sporting events. It is an innovative platform of social network marketing and brand integration for performers, rights holders and sponsors. If you were lucky enough to attend the event, you can search the crowd and zoom in to face-level detail to find yourself! Tag yourself and share the experience with the world to prove that you were there.

How is Fancam created?

With specialized photographers based around the world, in-house developers, designers and a full production team - Fancam provides a turnkey solution. The photos are quickly taken, and are then 'stitched' together to form a 360-degree panoramic image. Blown at the maximum resolution, a Fancam will be about the size of a 200m billboard! The interactive panoramic Fancam is available on a designated website within 24 hours after the event.

What can Fancam do?

Tagging, sharing, ”Find Your Friends” are the basic functions on a Fancam. When you find yourself in a Fancam, tag and share it on social media!

Fancam is also easy to customize which makes each Fancam unique. The interface is customized with the sponsor's brand. Engagement tools like video booth, embedded video, multiple tags, Where’s Waldo, fan voting, etc. customizes to support your marketing objectives.

Fancam is available on tablets and mobile devices and requires no special software.

Daytona 500 Fancam

Corona CityCam

Fancam Official Website

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