Star-Studded Press Event to Release 20th Century FOX's XMen2 DVD

November 2003. New York City, NY, 40/40 Club

To launch 20th Century FOX's DVD for the blockbuster motion picture XMen2, FOX turned to Empire Entertainment to create a highly-themed, celebrity-driven press event in New York City just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. For this event, Empire provided all services from original conception and event design, to site and menu selection, talent booking, activities, video projection, silver carpet staging, step & repeat signage production, decor, lighting, sound, labor, security, sidewalk and lane closure, event staffing, celebrity and sponsorship solicitation and transportation logistics for all celebrity talent. The site chosen for the event was Club 40/40, a hot new event space and club in New York City owned by several partners including hip hop superstar Jay-Z. In addition to the main event space, the club features two private rooms that were used for VIP party areas and one-on-one interviews, as well as a well-appointed cigar room for which Cohiba provided free cigars.

The Studio directed that the main thrust of the press coverage should be based on celebrity attendance by the stars of the XMen films including Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, Anna Paquin and James Marsden as well as the film's producers and creatives. To supplement the attendance of these stars, Empire performed extensive outreach to the celebrity community through our own celebrity solicitation specialist, as well as leveraging relationships with Club 40/40, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (a beneficiary of the event, arranged through Empire's relationships), and celebrity DJ Marc Ronson.

Empire also created decor for the event that mirrored the film's sleek stainless steel logo and imagery. Instead of a traditional red carpet, Empire proposed and provided a shimmering silver carpet. Silver tables, chairs, rope & stantions and a massive 50' long X 9' high silver 'step & repeat' to serve as a branded backdrop for celebrity photos were also provided. The step & repeat faced a press corps and paparazzi contingent that included more than 50 camera crews and photographers. The step & repeat and silver carpet were lit by a series of five 12' tall aluminum truss sections built on the sidewalk which also provided skytracker blue lights, animated logo projection and up-lighting of surrounding buildings and the Steel X2 logo which was mounted over the club entrance Inside the club, Empire provided a series of internally-lit blue cube tables, blue-lit floral arrangements, silver fabric accents and a dramatic lighting scheme created by blue gelling each of the club's hundreds of existing lighting instruments and accenting surfaces with blue votive candle holders. The event was DJ'd by celebrity DJ Marc Ronson and featured an oxygen bar, plexiglass chess sets featured in the film, and footage from the new XMen2 DVD playing on more than 20 monitors, plasma screens and projection screens throughout the club spaces.

Empire also managed the highly demanding ground transportation logistics, coordinating movements of the many stars and executives in a fleet of silver sedans, graciously donated for the event by Mercedes-Benz as a result of solicitation by Empire Entertainment. The resulting event was a carefully themed, smoothly run, heavily-attended and well-covered press event that generated a great deal of press coverage for a major entertainment property, just prior to the busy holiday shopping period.

Empire is a major producer of creative event marketing programs.

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