May 2020. , Virtual Event

"Hope is a powerful force that connects us. It gives us the energy to move towards the future, and the strength to live in the present,” in this spirit, Bulgari, with support from Empire, hosted the “CONVERSATIONS FOR HOPE” talk show series. Leading voices from diverse fields across Japan were brought together for live streamed conversations offering a message of hope and sharing personal ways of dealing with the present for a brighter future.

In response to social distancing measures, Empire worked closely with Bulgari Japan to swiftly create a virtual program that was streamed to tens of thousands of viewers throughout Japan. A total of four talk shows were broadcast, including opening remarks by Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and President of Bulgari Japan, Walter Bolognino. The first three sessions were moderated by awarded novelist, Mieko Kawakami and the fourth, a special “CONVERSATIONS FOR HOPE” talk show in collaboration with GQ JAPAN was moderated by GQ JAPAN’s Editor-in-Chief, Masafumi Suzuki.

Panelists included Fumio Nanjo, Ayaka Hirahara, Miyake Mai, Kazumi Kurigami, Mari Natsuki, Yasuyuki Shuto, Koyuki (video message), Tamasaburo Bando (video message), Naomi Kawase, Mari Yamazaki, Lily Franky & Ai Tominaga. The online talk show garnered substantial media coverage.

Click HERE for the full talk shows.

Empire is a leading producer of virtual and digital events. We strive to deliver the same high production value, immersive and interactive qualities we are known for in live events to virtual audiences.

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