EMPIRE's "Hybrid Events Solutions"

August 2020. , Virtual Events

Empire Entertainment Japan Co., Inc. has commenced its offering of "Hybrid Event Solutions"; a service that enhances the value of events by synergistically leveraging both live and virtual activations.

“Hybrid Event Solutions” is a service that takes advantage of the characteristics of live and virtual events, allowing simultaneous executions to complement each other, delivering ever greater value to clients and organizers. Empire, known globally as a leader in Experience Design, producing various corporate events around the world for 26 years, our highly specialized staff can help your organization continue to reach and engage your audiences with confidence.

1. Various examples of information gathering and online event proposals. (Includes Overseas)

Ex. 1) Conducting hybrid online exhibitions and conferences, bringing various content streams and sources together to enhance participant engagement.

UN Women Rise For All:

Ex. 2) Virtual networking that maximizes "connectivity" even when participants are in distance locations.

The Japan Society Annual Dinner Reimagined:

Ex. 3) 3D Experience, brand activation that provides a rich experience by freely moving your avatar in 3D space.

#Shibuya Ghost in the Shell Night by au 5G

Ex. 4) An immersive digital space where customers can actively engage with works and products for purchase.

Empire Delivers Virtual Platform 360:

2. Providing highly effective planning and attracting clients with our global network.

For 26 years, Empire has collaborated with numerous celebrities, creators and artists around the world. By utilizing our network and incorporating different content and entertainment elements into our online events, we can provide highly attractive and immersive digital experiences.


Presentation by Marco Tempest, popular virtual magician seen on TED Talks:

Virtual Solve by MIT:

3. Project management tailored for the client.

Having worked with various clients from around the world, Empire’s project management skills is unique. While live events and large gatherings are restricted, we continuously utilize our skills to promote various projects with various clients in parallel. Our skills are fully demonstrated in various online events with no risks.

The best service for those who are uncertain about virtual events!

- Organizations that have suddenly found themselves faced with the necessity to transition previously-planned
live events into virtual, online and digital experiences and are unfamiliar to virtual events.

- Organizations that wants to hold an online event, but are not sure to which services or platforms are best.

- Simple webinars and conferences that does not engage with the participants.

- Organizations that would like to hold online events and team building to strengthen relationships to enhance teamwork.

- Organizations that has held online events but did not reach the expected number of participants.

- Organizations that is worried about interacting with overseas speakers and guests.

- Speakers who want to hold a lecture but are worried with interactions with celebrities and or overseas individuals.

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