ASUS Windows 8 Product Launch with Marco Tempest

October 2012. New York, NY, Espace

In connection with the Microsoft Windows 8 worldwide launch, PC giant, ASUS Computer International, turned to Empire Entertainment to produce the launch of their highly anticipated Windows 8 lineup of products. Held at the elegant and modern Espace venue in Midtown Manhattan, the event was attended by 200 of the New York’s top technology media outlets.

The event featured a carefully-scripted onstage presentation that combined the company Chairman's enthusiastic presentation of the products with performances by the world-renowned techno-illusionist Marco Tempest, who wowed the crowd with his interactive virtual magic.

The main focal point of the presentation was a massive LED screen, which displayed the precise custom video content was created for the presentation. The Chairman and Marco interacted heavily with this screen throughout the presentation as they introduced the new products using the large LED wall as their canvas.

As a surprise finale to the show a closing recap video of all of the products, each combined with an onstage illusion by Marco, led to a reveal moment where two huge kabuki curtains flanking the left and right of the stage were suddenly dropped revealing long sleek display tables featuring all of the products just introduced. The media were on their feet and using the products just moments after the presentation ended as wait staff appeared to serve celebratory glasses of champagne. Working closely with the client's talented design team in Taiwan, Empire created all elements of the event including highly-finished stage design, furnishings and demo tables all consistent with the design excellence of ASUS. These elements included a custom LED trimmed stage, demo stations and two 8’ wide ASUS logos that were lit from within with LED lighting.

Empire is the leading producer of cutting-edge product launches that utilize state-of-the-art design and technology and is a strong partner for international brands looking to launch their products in the world's most important media market“ New York City.

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